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Endangered Species Fair Trade, Vegan Chocolate Releases Chocolate Spreads

Endangered Species Fair Trade, Vegan Chocolate Releases Chocolate Spreads

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Endangered Species chocolate enters the spreads category with chocolate, chocolate hazelnut, and chocolate almond spreads

Finally, a chocolate spread for all those environmentally conscious vegans out there.

Move over, Nutella! There’s a new chocolate hazelnut spread in town. For those environmentally conscious chocolate-lovers, Endangered Species, one of the largest producers of natural, fair trade chocolate, has come out with three chocolate spreads: chocolate, chocolate hazelnut, and chocolate almond.

Each spread is vegan, gluten-free, and made with all non-GMO ingredients. The company supports wildlife conservation efforts, working with the organization’s nonprofit partners to donate 10 percent of proceeds to the African Wildlife Foundation, the Xerces Society (which is dedicated to saving insects), the SEE Turtles Foundation, and others. So now you can save the animals while eating chocolate spread on toast (oh, who are we kidding, we only need a spoon!).

“This is an extremely exciting time for Endangered Species chocolate, and for our customers who already know and love our chocolate,” said Kelly Meinken, director of marketing for Endangered Species Chocolate. “We believe our spreads will appeal to the natural and specialty consumer — as well as general chocolate lovers. Our new clean chocolate spreads are smooth, flavorful and natural — not to mention decadent and delicious.”

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