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Sour soup with yolks

Sour soup with yolks

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The Chef's software threw me tonight in front of the recipes saved in the favorites "Soup with garlic" from Sidy, which also contained yolks. Immediately a [rusty :)] bell in my memory reminds me that I also froze some yellows. I started working and the next soup came out. Thanks Sidy. Thank you Chefs. We were saved from eating a dull programmed cabbage soup :))).

  • 500 gr yellow [frozen]
  • 200 gr Serrano ham
  • 200 gr marinated donuts
  • 1 large onion
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 5 cm smoked pork belly
  • 50 gr oil
  • 2 tablespoons rice
  • +
  • 200 gr smanatana
  • 1 tablespoon hot mustard
  • 1 or
  • salt
  • pepper
  • green parsley

Servings: 4

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Sour soup with yolks:

Peel the onion and garlic, chop them and lightly fry them in oil.

Add 2 l of water, the yolks, the diced ham, the striped mouse and the marinated julienne donut, rice and salt.

After 20 minutes, mix the egg, sour cream and mustard separately, gradually add 200 ml of warm juice, ie "dissolve" and add over the soup over low heat [so no lumps will appear].

Serve the soup seasoned with pepper and green parsley.

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If you want more sour, add a little juice from the marinated donuts.


It is tastier after a few hours when the tastes have intertwined [if it has time].

Edible mushrooms

the idea came naturally after the discussion on the topic of yellow stew.

On this topic, I will go with the administrators to group all the information that each one will put, to a reply, to be centralized in this way.

I start with an order of the Ministry of Agriculture, regarding our mushrooms, from Romania:

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development

ORDER Nr. 246
of 14 April 2006

for the establishment of the List of edible mushrooms from the spontaneous flora whose harvesting or purchase and sale are allowed

Published in: Official Gazette no. 367 of April 27, 2006

Pursuant to art. 12 of Law no. 30/2006 on the rules of public health for the use of spontaneous flora fungi,
v & # 259z nd Approval report no. 164,720 of 17 March 2006,
based on art. 9 para. (6) of Government Decision no. 155/2005 regarding the organization and functioning of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forests and Rural Development, with the subsequent modifications and completions,

The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development issues the following order:

Art. 1 - The list of edible mushrooms from the spontaneous flora whose collection or acquisition and sale are allowed is approved, provided in the annex that is an integral part of this order.
Art. 2 - This order is published in the Official Gazette of Romania, Part I.

Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development,
Gheorghe Flutur

*) The annex is reproduced in facsimile.

edible fungi from spontaneous flora whose harvesting or acquisition
& # 351 and marketing are allowed

Nr. crt. The name & # 351tiin & # 355ific & # 259
popular names

1. Boletus edulis , Min & # 259tarc & # 259, Hrib cenu & # 351iu

2. Boletus aereus , Hrib negru, Pitarca, Pitoanc & # 259

3. Boletus luteus , Pita, Cow Cake

4. Boletus subtomentosus , Goat's lip

5. Boletus elegans , Oily with ring

6. Boletus luridus , Chitarc & # 259, Pitarc & # 259

7. Boletus badius , Hribul murg

8. Boletus scaber , Guitar, Birch Sponge, Cug Sponge

9. Cantharellus cibarius , G & # 259lbiorul

10. Postpone caesarea , The royal sponge, Cr & # 259i & # 355a

11. Agaricus campestris , Garbage Mushroom, & # 350ampinionul
P & # 259l & # 259ria sometimes brown can be confused with Amanita Phalloides - Viper Sponge, which is poisonous

12. Agarius silvatica , Hard mushroom
In young mushrooms, p & # 259l & # 259ria can be confused with p & # 259l & # 259ria amanitelor otr & # 259vitoare

13. Agaricus arvensis , Field mushroom, Sheep mushroom

14. Lepiota procera , P & # 259l & # 259ria & # 350arpelui, Sponge & # 350erpesc, Parasol

15. Lepiota naucina , The white sponge of the pigeons
Young mushrooms can be confused with poisonous white peppers

16. Russula cyanoxantha , Comes & # 355ica pigeons

17. Russula aurata , Hulubi & # 355a, Vine & # 355elele

18. Russula vesca , Vine & # 355ic & # 259

19. Russula alutacea , Paini & # 351oar & # 259

20. Russula virescens , Vine & # 355ica pestri & # 355 & # 259

21. Lactarius deliciosus , Ra & # 351covul, Bure & # 355ii dulci, Painea p & # 259durii, Ra & # 351covii de brad

22. Lactarius piperatus , Iu & # 355arii, Bure & # 355ii iu & # 355i, Buretele l & # 259ptos

23. Lactarius volemus , Sweet sponge, Red sponge, Ra & # 351covul l & # 259ptos

24. Tricholoma georgii , May Sponge, Spin Sponge

25. Armillaria mellea , Ghebele, Opinticii

26. Morchella vulgaris , Ciuciule & # 355ii

27. Morchella esculenta , Tassels, Dolls

28. Conical morchella , Zbarciogii

29. Marasmius oreades , Bure & # 355ii de rou & # 259, Bure & # 355ii de paji & # 351te, Bureciorii

30. Tuber melanosporum , Black Truffle, Black Pearl

31. Pleurotus ostreatus , Black & # 351orii, Black beech sponge

32. Polyporus squamosus Walnut, Walnut tree, Elm tree

33. Clavaria botrytis , Bure & # 355ii cre & # 355i, Creasta coco & # 351ului, R & # 259murelele

34. Clavaria aurea , Bear's paw, Togm & # 259giorii

35. Coprinus comatus , Sponge with wig & # 259, Ink sponge & # 259

that's about it.
Now, everyone can post what they know about some of them, possibly pictures

How to prepare yellow stew with sour cream

Look at the wonderful yellows I found in the market in Arad! Normally wild mushrooms do NOT wash with water! It is enough to clean them with a brush to remove dust, sand or dry grass from them. If they are very dirty and these impurities are stuck to them & # 8230 we have nothing to do and we will have to rinse them with cold water and then drain them in a strainer. DO NOT let yourself be immersed in cold water but rinse quickly under running water!

I cut the large yellow ones into pieces and left the medium and smaller ones whole. In a pan I melted the butter (without smoking) and I turned the yolks over the butter.

I left the pan open, without a lid I mixed it occasionally with a spatula in it (being careful not to break the yolks). After a few minutes it is noticed that they leave the water and decrease a lot. After they have fallen, salt and pepper to taste.


Preparation time: 10 min.

Total cooking time: 60 min.

Difficulty: environment

Amount: 6 servings

  1. Put in the bowl 1 larch connection (optional) and chops 5 sec./speed 5 . Put aside.
  2. peeled 2 ripe tomatoes , put them in the bowl and grind 10 sec./speed 6 . Put aside.
  3. Cut into large pieces 1 medium onion, 1 bell pepper or capia, 1 medium carrot, ¼ small celery, ½ parsley root and put in the bowl. Grind 4 sec./speed 4.
  4. Add 10 g oil and harden 5 min./100°C/speed 3.
  5. Add to bowl 1000 g of water .
  6. Cut into pieces 400 g chicken (back and wings) and put in the muffler basket. Boil 3 0 min./100°C/ / speed.
  7. Add to bowl 200 g of borscht, chopped tomatoes, ½ teaspoon of salt and still boiling 15 min./100°C/ / speed.* At the end of the taste, depending on the borscht used, you may need to add more.
  8. Put the meat in a bowl, add the soup and the chopped larch.
  9. Good appetite!

Preparation recommendations for chicken soup at Thermomix

If you have chickens from the country it is possible to boil harder. Check if it has cooked and cook for another 15 minutes if necessary.

Sometimes the chicken leaves foam. Remove if necessary.

Should the measuring cap be put on during boiling?

After I put the water I added peas. Super tasty!

Hello, Simona!
We are glad that you liked it and we are still waiting for you.


100 grams of mushrooms is the equivalent of 31 calories. Mushrooms contain a number of substances necessary for the body, being rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals (vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, potassium, magnesium, copper, iron, phosphorus and selenium). Fiber from mushrooms has an important role in regulating the digestive system.

Rice is an important source of energy and helps the brain function properly. It is rich in vitamins (B, D), calcium, fiber, iron, which makes it a nutritious food that you must include in your diet. Rice fiber creates a feeling of satiety.

1 chicken breast, chicken or 1/2 turkey breast

Boil the bird's breast. Meanwhile, wash and clean the vegetables. Finely chop the onion (if your little one is under 1 year old, boil the whole onion, and take it out of the soup when it has boiled). Chop the carrots, peppers, grate the celery and parsnips and boil them in water with a little salt. Boil the tomatoes for 2 minutes, whole. Take them out of the water and put them in ice water. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. When the meat is cooked, break it into small pieces, put it over the cooked vegetables. Add the tomatoes, potatoes and the two cloves of garlic. Put the borscht to boil separately, then when all the vegetables in the soup are cooked, add it over them. Never let it boil for a minute. Serve sour soup with sour cream, salt to taste and green parsley. Good appetite!

Yellow stew (without sour cream)

The yellow stew is most often prepared with sour cream. Well, I didn't have sour cream in the house, and I couldn't go shopping either. Besides, you just know that I don't cook according to the original recipes (I can't even say with my heart that I know and respect them), but after I have them in the fridge. We add the inspiration of the moment and the chronic lack of time and that's how my dishes come out!

But it is certain that I love yellows with all my heart! So far, I have prepared them simple and delicious: with pasta and baked pepper sauce, with tomato sauce (family favorite), with garlic, and now it's their turn in this form. And this yolk stew without cream has another advantage: it can be stored for the winter, in properly sterilized jars.

How? Simple: in hot jars (immediately after their sterilization) pour hot stew, taking care to remove the air from the jar, close the jars tightly and leave to cool in beds, bottom up (to form a vacuum). when I'm not using this method of turning the jars, I also put a collar of oil on top of the stew, to make sure that no air enters and spoils it.

I invited you to try the yellow stew, my version? Maybe even prepare it for winter, at least a few jars.

Cabbage soup with meat and smoked recipe for lucskos (lucicos)

Cabbage soup with meat and smoked lucskos (lucicoș) recipe. Transylvanian recipe for sweet cabbage with pork and smoked meat. How to make cabbage with meat? How to make cabbage soup or food?

This one cabbage soup with smoked meat and meat (lucskos kaposzta, lucicoș) is a Transylvanian soup which is part of my family's culinary repertoire. Is a Hungarian recipe from Transylvania (not from Hungary). Actually there is something between soup and food, being very thick and consistent. A thick soup, full of pieces of meat and smoked meat. The name & # 8222lucskos kaposzta & # 8221 would translate as & # 8222 slippery cabbage, cabbage swimming in liquid, cabbage puddling & # 8221. It is pronounced in 2 syllables, with emphasis on the first: luci-basket (luch-kosh). So don't take it.

There are 3 spices that should appear in cabbage soup with meat (glossy): cumin, green dill and dried thyme. The predominant aroma of the glossy is that of dill, fresh and invigorating.

Sweet cabbage is put in equal amounts with meat and smoked meat (ribs, smoked steak, fork bones) and the result is fabulous!

There are many glossy versions: some only with fresh meat (no smoking), others only with smoked ciolan, some with paprika (paprika) and others whiter, milky. I present to you the recipe that is made in our house.

Many of you will wonder if I can use sour cabbage in this recipe. The answer is: NO! If you want a meat dish with sauerkraut then I offer recipe by Szekelyi Gulyas (also called Szekler goulash). You can find it here.

The meat used for lucicos is pork, fatter. So we don't make lucskos with pork chops or mussels. Lean with some fat, back, neck or pork breast are the most indicated. In the smoking section, you can choose: smoked ciolan, smoked ribs (kaiser) but also forked bones (smoked).

Yes, it is a winter food. Although it is consistent, it has no fat in addition to that of meat. So we don't put lard or oil anymore. The cooking principle is that of a soup, without hardened onions or other fried foods.

From the quantities below it results approx. 10-12 servings of cabbage soup with meat and smoked.

Potato soup with tarragon

The quality of vegetables is done to give taste and to keep the vitamins in the vegetables when they are cooked. That is the secret of quality!
Good appetite!

Adrian put the vegetables in a soup directly to boil, not harden. Woe to my head if I ate such a discard. Listen, hardened vegetables! Adrian, you better cook than intoxicate the world