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Eugene’s Most Eggs-cellent Benedict

Eugene’s Most Eggs-cellent Benedict

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We’ve got a hearty treat for you.

Most of us have heard the saying, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” For college students, it’s vital to start the morning off right with a plentiful breakfast to power you through a busy workday.

Photo by Liana Lis

In our search of a hearty, power-packed breakfast, we also opted for quality, flavor and service. Luckily, we didn’t have to go far.

A charming house turned old-world restaurant, Studio One Cafe is located at the south end of campus off of E. 19th Ave. Nestled between Agate Alley Bistro and McMennamin’s Cafe, this quaint restaurant offers big flavor with a big selection to choose from.

Photo by Liana Lis

Eggs Benedict ranks high at this cafe, as you’ll soon discover on the first page of its lengthy menu. Variations include pairings with house-made hollandaise sauce (fresh throughout the day), smoked salmon, Cajun hollandaise sauce, a veggies-only option and even a crab cake variation. The cafe uses locally made products and cage-free, hormone-free eggs.

The walls of the cafe are dotted with black and white photos of Hollywood’s most memorable stars; Audrey Hepburn, Dustin Hoffman and Marilyn Monroe to name a few. Classic movie clips hang proud in the Studio One Cafe. We can’t forget the oversized spoon and fork hanging overhead upon entering the establishment.

On our recent visit, we were lucky to claim the last table inside the cafe. Our waitress, Izzy, greeted us kindly and offered us drinks as soon as we sat down. We opted for a full order of the Animal House Benedict which included spinach, tomato and eggs on top of a perfectly toasted English muffin topped with house-made hollandaise. We also had three slices of the original french toast topped with almond custard, creamy romanov sauce (a yogurt-based drizzle) with berry compote.

Presentation was beyond superb for both dishes. The french toast was extremely filling. I suggest a more traditional version if you’re not big on multiple flavors and textures.

Photo by Liana Lis

This cafe’s eggs benny is served fresh, packed with flavor and portion size is very generous (we both shared our order and couldn’t finish). Did I mention they serve each dish with home fries? Not just any home fries, but actually the tastiest fries I’ve ever tried; crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. The best part? They’re not greasy.

With summer just around the corner, come have a taste for yourself. Enjoy a power breakfast on the cafe’s patio. They offer both covered and non-covered patio seating as cozy as eating in your own backyard.

Photo by Liana Lis

Location: 1473 E 19th Ave, Eugene, OR 97403

Hours: Open Daily 7am-4pm

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