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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Gordon Ramsay

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Gordon Ramsay

This celebrity chef and TV host has 14 Michelin stars

Ramsay's first restaurant, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, earned him three Michelin stars.

Gordon James Ramsay, Jr. Today he’s one of the most visible chefs on television while also being one of the most lauded chefs in the world, with 22 restaurants to his name, six of which are Michelin-starred. But even if you’re his biggest fan, we bet that there are some things that you didn’t know about him.

He Almost Became a Professional Soccer Player
Ramsay was chosen to play for the under-14 team for Warwickshire at age 12, and he played in a couple testimonial matches for his favorite team as a kid, Rangers FC. His career was sidelined by injuries, however.

He Was Fired From His First Head Chef Job for an Interesting Reason
In the early 1980s, Ramsay was head chef at the dining room at the Wickham Arms, but he was fired after he was discovered having an affair with the owner’s wife.

His First Restaurant Earned Him Three Michelin Stars
Ramsay opened his first restaurant, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, in 1998, and by 2001 it had earned three Michelin stars. He also became the first Scot to achieve that feat.

He Fell Off a Cliff and Almost Drowned
In 2008, while filming a segment on puffin hunting in Iceland, he fell off an 85-foot cliff and landed in the ice water below. He had to remove his boots and clothing in order to avoid drowning, and was underwater for at least 45 seconds. “I thought I was a goner,” he later said.

He’s Active in Charity
Ramsay ran 10 marathons in 10 years in support of the Scottish Spina Bifida Association, and has been very active in supporting that charity as well as others, including Women’s Aid and ones that support HIV and Aids prevention in India.

9 things you didn't know about Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is known as much for his kitchen antics as he is for his food. But it turns out there’s more than meets the eye to the "Kitchen Nightmares" superstar chef.

On Monday, Ramsay participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) with fans and revealed some surprising facts about himself and ever-growing culinary empire. Fans asked about his favorite foods, career advice, behind-the-scenes extras on his shows and how he manages to balance his over-exposed media career while maintaining dozens of restaurants around the world.

Check out a few of our favorite new facts about chef Gordon Ramsay.

How do the kids on MasterChef Junior really know how to make all of those elaborate dishes? Do they get trained beforehand?

“So across the filming procedure, we get the chance to spend time with them, with basic culinary lessons. So they won't know exactly what they're doing, but we'll show them basic techniques a few weeks prior. And also, things like the croquembouche - we'll do a class in sheet pastry, but we'll do sheet pastry BUNS, as opposed to actually doing a croquembouche.”

Is there any food you won't try?

Ramsay explained that as a chef he feels its his duty to try everything—even a beating cobra heart-- at least once but he does draw line somewhere.

“The only thing I draw the line at is eating overcooked food. There is NOTHING worse than an overcooked brussels sprout. The smell is disgusting.

How do you chef balance your time between family, shows, restaurants, appearances, etc?

“I. I multi-task very well. And I am never in one place too long.”

“My go-to sort of fast food snack. it would have to be In-N-Out Burger. Oh my god, honestly, it is, when I eat Double-Doubles. I am terrible. And I always bring it back on the airport when I'm flying from LA to London, I'll sneak it into the first class lounge at BA!”

How does the chef like his eggs prepared?

“I have to say, scrambled. Over a slice of sourdough bread that has been grilled, and then sort of doused with Worcestershire sauce. And the nice thing about scrambled eggs is that they don't have to just be breakfast - you can have them in the evening, with some nice mushrooms, some tomatoes. You can have them as a snack at midnight, or at 5 o'clock in the afternoon.”

"Wake up you Donkey!" a cocktail made with Tanqueray gin the chef describes as “sort of spicy and fragrant.”

What's your favorite Disney movie?

“It has to be Ratatouille.” (Of course.)

How does you really feel about the prestigious Michelin rating system?

"If there's one thing I've come to admire with the Michelin is that it's consistent. It's a guy who is judging you incognito. We have a lot of guys in this country, and Europe, who are a bit too familiar, too chummy with chefs, and they overindulge - food editors, they'll know, and tip off the chef. With a Michelin guide, you have no idea when they'll be in, or when they'll review you. And that's why they're the most feared and respected by chefs."

What's the biggest piece of advice you can give a young, aspiring chef?

“Learn a second vision - I thought I really knew how to cook when I worked for Marco and then when I went to France, it really opened my eyes. So learn a second language, and travel. It's really important to travel. That is fundamental. because you pick up so many different techniques, and learning a second language gives you so much more confidence in the kitchen.”

After thanking AMA participants Ramsay parted with a witty piece of advice. The chef says to “never trust a fat chef, because they've eaten all the good bits.”

Imagine, with his profession, surrounded by cheese and desserts, Gordon Ramsay managed to have a strong will power for a healthy weight transformation.

The internet has had it's fun share of laughter over Ramsay's forehead wrinkles. Infact, he admitted and told Daily mail, 'The lines were pretty horrific, like Scarface, and I was never embarrassed by it but my children helped me become more paranoid about it'.

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Facts About Gordon Ramsay: His Family

3. Who Is Gordon Ramsay’s Wife?

If you watch this celebrity chef on television, then you may have wondered, who is Gordon Ramsay’s wife? Gordon Ramsay is a happily married man. He married Cayetana Elizabeth Hutchensen, better known as Tana, since December 21, 1996. When the couple met, Tana Ramsay was a Montessori-trained schoolteacher.

4. How Many Children Does Gordon Ramsay Have?

Gordon and Tana Ramsay have five children together. Their oldest daughter Megan was born first, followed by twins Jack and Holly, and then youngest daughter Matilda. Sadly, the couple had a miscarriage in 2016 in the fifth month of Tana’s pregnancy. The baby, a boy, was named Rocky. They have since gone on to have another son, Oscar. The family splits their time between their homes in London and Los Angeles.

5. Cooking is a Family Affair in the Ramsay Household

Although Gordon Ramsay is the star of the Ramsay family, everyone in the family is involved in the business in some way. The apple clearly doesn’t fall far from the tree as his older four children have all shown an interest in the food industry. All Ramsay’s children have appeared in his shows, as has his wife, Tana. His youngest daughter, Matilda, has her own cooking show, which also features her siblings. This is called ‘Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch’, and it airs on CBBC. Tana Ramsay has been a presenter of ‘Market Kitchen’, which is a UKTV food show.

Ramsay, best known for his chef expertise and never holding back his opinion, took to Reddit last week to answer questions. When asked "In your opinion, what are 5 dishes that everyone needs to know how to cook?" Here's what he answered:

1. A great burger

"Everyone enjoys a great burger," Ramsay wrote. "So that’s really important." Even Ramsay knows there's nothing better than a burger! It's an American classic for a reason.

The Perfect Burger (aka The Crunch Burger)

2. A healthy breakfast

For breakfast, Ramsay was sure to include the word healthy. It's easy to go for the cereal box when you're in a hurry, but don't. Though breakfast may not be the most important meal, it's important to start your day feeling great! "Whether it’s poached eggs, smashed avocado, or an amazing omelette. Now that is crucial!" said Ramsay.

Roasted Asparagus Frittata

3. A braising dish

A braising dish may seem hard to master, but the task isn't as scary as you think. "It's the kind of thing you can cook on a Monday and still eat on Friday," said Ramsay, citing braised short ribs as an example. Only Ramsay could make leftovers sound cool.

Oven-braised pork chops with red onion and pear

4. A chicken dish

"Then from a healthy point of view," Ramsay said, "a chicken dish, in terms of a white protein, would be a go to favorite." Chicken is a great option because it's easy to cook and so versatile!

Chicken Chipotle

5. A great dessert

Now this is one we can really rally around. "Taking amazing desserts, Ramsay said, "as a gift, to somebody and eating it with them is so much more enjoyable then buying them a scarf, or a jumper, or a pair of socks." We couldn't agree more desserts are made to be shared!

5 Things to know about Gordon Ramsay’s new show that airs this month

In Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted, you&rsquoll experience a very different Gordon &ndash more relaxed but as focused and driven as ever, his mission is to visit six different destinations around the globe and learn as much as he can about the local ingredients and cooking styles. For Gordon, simply eating at a restaurant is not enough &ndash you need to know the story behind the food you&rsquore enjoying.

Here are five tasty facts about the new show:

1. Gordon works with some of the hottest young up-and-coming chefs in the regions he visits: in Morocco, chef Najat Kaanache is changing the face of her country&rsquos cuisine at her restaurant, Nur. In Hawaii, chef Sheldon Simeon puts a modern spin on classic Hawaiian dishes at his two restaurants, Lineage and Tin Roof. Chef Joy Ngeuamboupha runs Tamarind Restaurant and Cooking School, one of the top-rated restaurants in Laos.

2. Among some of the more unusual foods Gordon learns to prepare are seal, freshwater snails and guinea pig.

3. While cooking is a major part of the show, it&rsquos also about adventure. You&rsquoll see Gordon take on a number of physical challenges, including rappelling down a waterfall, free-diving, white water kayaking and climbing a sheer rockface in a snowstorm.

4. The production team travelled 133 575km to scout and shoot the series.

5. For a change, Gordon won&rsquot be doing the judging. In fact, he&rsquoll be the one being judged. At the end of each episode, having learned the tricks and tips about the food of the various cultures, he has to cook a dish for local guests, who ultimately decide if he has been able to emulate the tastes of their cultures.

Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted starts on National Geographic (DStv Channel 181) on Wednesday 7 August at 9pm.

14 Things You Don't Know About Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay has proven time and time again that he's as deftly skilled at preparing Michelin-star-worthy food as he is hurling expletives at struggling chefs on TV. You might be quick to write him off as Masterchef's answer to Simon Cowell, only with a coif Derek Zoolander would envy, but there's so much more to the man than you might realize.

1. He Doesn't Do Lunch-Or Dinner.

The chef prefers to eat five times per day, focusing on smaller portions to keep his energy up, rather than three solid meals. A few of his go-to dishes include green juices, chicken Niçoise salad, and homemade fruit and nut bars, The Telegraph reports.

2. He's Just As Serious About Fitness As He Is Food.

Ramsay has participated in more than a dozen marathons, three ultra-marathons, three half-Ironmans (which span 70.3 miles, swimming, biking and running) and competed in the Ironman World Championship twice.

The championship, held in Hawaii, is known for being incredibly grueling-it combines a 2.4-mile swim with a 122-mile bike ride and a full marathon (26.2 miles). While he completed the race in 14 hours in 2013, he had to drop out of the competition this past year due to dehydration, according to TMZ. Ramsay says he'll be back in 2016 though.

3. He Believes in the Power of a Good Cry.

"I think crying is important," he told Fox News. "Not crying, not showing that emotion, bottling it up can lead to dangerous things."

Ramsay has no problem with the contestants-who are often as young as 8 or 9 years old-on Masterchef Junior crying on the show, though he admits that it's hard to see them get upset over their mistakes.

4. He's Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Just like Kim Kardashian West, Ramsay will soon be starring in his very own mobile game, complete with a cartoon version of himself. Details haven't been released just yet, but we can only imagine it'd involve dodging insults as you "cook" as fast as your thumbs will allow you.

This isn't his first foray into gaming, though. You can also have him shout in your face while playing Nintendo Wii's Hell's Kitchen game.

5. He Was Once Threatened at Gunpoint While Filming.

While working on The Big Fish Fight in Costa Rica, Ramsay and his crew devoted an episode to investigating fishermen who were illegally killing and selling sharks to make shark fin soup. The crew climbed aboard a fishing boat, only for Ramsay to find a sack of shark fins hidden under the ship's hull while he was swimming. When he threw the sack on board and called the fishermen out, an argument erupted, leading some men to point rifles at them when they got to the dock to pressure them to stop filming.

Ultimately, the police urged them to leave the country. "They said, 'if you set foot in there, they'll stab you,'" Ramsay recalls.

6. He's One of the 25 Highest-Paid Celebrities Out There.

The Hell's Kitchen star is No. 21, technically, raking in $60 million last year, according to Forbes. That makes him the wealthiest celebrity chef out there.

7. He's Had Some Work Done.

If you thought Ramsay's gotten more fresh-faced over the years, you're right. A cosmetic surgeon filled in the scars on his chin back in 2009-not to make him appear less threatening on TV, as some speculated, but more because he'd gotten sick of everyone making a big deal about it.

"You've seen the articles: craggy face, map of Wales, ugly, deflated rugby ball," he told The Guardian. "There's only so much sh*t you want to take. I woke up in the morning and [my daughter] Matilda was trying to squeeze pound coins in there."

8. He Dreamed of Being a Soccer Player, Not a Chef.

An injury ended that dream early, so he went back to college to pursue Hotel Management. Along the way, he wound up cooking and never looked back.

9. His 20th Wedding Anniversary Is This Year.

The father of four-three girls and a boy-married his wife, Tana, back in 1996.

10. He's Not Afraid to Poke Fun at Himself.

This past May, Ramsay put a slice of bread over Julie Chen's ears, barking, "What are you?" in her face. "An idiot sandwich," she replied, dejectedly. The insult spawned parodies all over the Internet, including Gigi Hadid and Devon Windsor when they appeared on Masterchef Celebrity Showdown.

But the cruel joke was just that-a joke. It was part of a sketch called "Hell's Cafeteria" on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

11. He Gives 'Masterchef Junior' Contestants Cooking Lessons.

If you ever watched Masterchef Junior and wondered how in the world the contestants know how to make just about anything, you're not alone. As Ramsay explained in his Reddit AMA, he provides basic culinary lessons before filming. They won't show them exactly how to make a certain dish, like croquembouche, but they'll have a class in sheet pastry buns, which can give them a foundation to help them figure out how to make a croquembouche when the time comes.

"When it comes to the more serious elimination challenges, they'll have insight 3 to 4 weeks out," he explained.

12. Mario Batali Once Banned Him from His Restaurants.

Apparently, Batali can only take so many insults, and 'Fanta Pants' (a nickname Ramsay reportedly gave him) is where he draws the line. The Iron Chef banned Rams from his restaurants, several media outlets reported, though all it'd take to eliminate the bad blood is a little heart-to-heart.

"[If Gordon] called me himself and said, 'Let's sit down for a drink.' I'm sure it would be fine," Batali said. "We'd be cool. But right now, it's not cool."

13. He's Got A Great Trick for Phenomenal Oatmeal.

Ramsay often starts the day with a bowl of oatmeal-just water, salt and oats-but when he really wants to take breakfast to the next level, he does this:

"The night before, put 3 to 4 bananas in the oven on a pilot light. And the next day, squeeze the bananas into almond milk, bring it to a boil, then add the oatmeal and dried cranberries, and you'll have the most amazing oatmeal for breakfast," he wrote in his AMA.

14. Singer Ellie Goulding Punched Him Once.

Right in the stomach. Right after confessing to having a crush on him. (To be fair, though, Ramsay was her sparring partner on The Jonathan Ross Show, and he was wearing padding.)

15 Gordon Does Not Eat Airplane Food

Ramsay loves and appreciates great food. Also, one of the things he is known for aside from his culinary delights and his temper, are the opinions he has about certain things.

Apparently, Gordon is not a fan of food that is served on airplanes, and that is because he used to work in that field. When Ramsay is traveling, he likes to arrive at the airport in enough time to find a bar and have a snack. If he is at London Heathrow Airport, Ramsay eats at Plane Food, which is a restaurant he owns. According to Ramsay, his idea of a perfect airport menu is one that contains a variety of meats from Italy, apples, pears, and cheese.


Hell's Kitchen is definitely one of Ramsay's most popular shows. The show first premiered in the UK to rave reviews and great success. The 2nd edition of the show, filmed for North American audiences, is now in its 18th season.

Viewers love to watch the action unfold on screen, and both in the dormitories and in the sacred kitchen, where, if the chefs try anything sneaky, Ramsay is there to put an end to any and all shenanigans.

But the rumors about the show are indeed pretty numerous.

Like any reality based show, rumors of scripting run rampant in many online forums, as well as the possibility of producers placing false chefs within the cast to make the show that much more interesting.

Regardless, it's pretty good TV isn't it?

10 things you didn't know about Gordon Ramsay

He has done it all: gone on an expletive-strewn tirade, engaged in cut-throat food bashing, and even walked away graciously from a restaurant. He's now adding hawker food to his repertoire, accepting SingTel's Hawker Heroes challenge. In case you're still in disbelieve, Ramsay sent over another video on Friday, 28 June:

We confess to a love-hate relationship with this Michelin-starred chef, and here are more juicy reasons why:

He could have been a professional footballer
If not for a torn ligament that never really healed, Ramsay could&rsquove enjoyed a longer career as a professional footballer. He started playing at the age of 12 for an under-14 team in Warwickshire, England, and claims to have played two first team games for former Scottish giants Rangers. Because of the injury, the fiery Scot could only focus on his culinary education, and we all know how that has turned out.

He was a personal chef on a private yacht, Idlewild
After working for almost three years under the equally combustible mentor that is Marco Pierre White at Harvey&rsquos, Ramsay sought out Albert Roux at Mayfair&rsquos Le Gavroche, and then continued his French training under Guy Savoy and Joël Robuchon in Paris. The stress levels mounted and eventually swallowed him, forcing Ramsay to take up the quieter job on Idlewild, based in far-flung Bermuda. Idle, and wild&hellip how apt.

He has six celebrity turkeys
Ramsay gets a kick out of naming animals after famous celebrities. Six turkeys he raised were named after celebrity chefs: Antony (Worrall Thompson), Ainsley (Harriott), Jamie (Oliver), Delia (Smith), Gary (Rhodes) and Nigella (Lawson). Pigs and lambs weren&rsquot spared either, with a lamb birthed from a Welsh farm christened Charlotte (its last name is Church).

Singapore has voted for the top three Hawker Heroes to be pitted against celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. Read about them here

He lost a chopping duel
Talk about life&rsquos surprises and unpredictability. Ramsay had an episode of the cooking sho w 'The F Word' filmed at Doncaster Prison, where he was suitably impressed by the high-speed vegetable-chopping skills of one convicted burglar, Kieron Tarff. Ramsay challenged him to a chopping duel, lost, and Tarff is now working in one of his three posh London restaurants. It&rsquos a Yellow Ribbon-like gesture that we think deserves more recognition.

The blood he spews isn&rsquot all his
What happened is a little cloudy, but Ramsay has had a ruptured spleen that threatened his life once. He subsequently recovered, thanks to someone&rsquos donated blood. This has led him to lend support to the UK&rsquos National Blood Service, appearing on their &ldquoGive Blood&rdquo advertisements.

He has appeared as a cartoon
Some may not have noticed, but &lsquoThe Simpsons&rsquo fans will probably remember. Ramsay voiced himself on the popular cartoon series in November 2011, on an episode titled &lsquoThe Food Wife&rsquo. We reckon it&rsquos a role he relished, as the familiar censored bleeping echoed throughout his dialogue in Marge&rsquos dream.

He has been held at gunpoint
In his quest to dig deeper into the dark lairs of illegal shark's fin trading, Ramsay found himself in the company of Costa Rican gangsters while filming &lsquoThe Big Fish Fight&rsquo. After discovering one of their hideouts &ndash where he spotted shark's fins being left to dry on the rooftop &ndash he was doused with gasoline, held at gunpoint and told to leave and never return.

He&rsquos a vainpot
Ramsay admits to having Botox injections that costs £1,000 (close to S$2,000) a pop, and dental procedures to improve his teeth. He undergoes follicular unit extraction &ndash a procedure that removes hair follicles from lush patches of his scalp and then reinserted where his hairline was thinning. All these would go some way in explaining his seeming youthfulness over the years.

He&rsquos a runner with a heart of gold
Even we were caught out cold by this. Ramsay is a seasoned runner and has completed 10 consecutive London Marathons in 10 years (the last one in 2009). The reason? To raise money for the Scottish Spina Bifida Association where he has been the Honorary Patron since 2004. The Ramsays were also the first couple to undertake the role of ambassadors for Women&rsquos Aid &ndash a British charity that protects women and children from domestic violence.

He likes erotica
&lsquo50 Shades of Grey&rsquo is his favourite non-food-related read. Need we say more?

Get live Gordon Ramsay updates here. We have the exclusive to follow him around.

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